Inhaber: Girmai Teclai1985
Company trading cosmetic products under the name of GT World of Beauty founded by Girmai Teclai in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

GT World of Beauty starts to import cosmetic products from Europe and commences wholesale trade with these products.

GT World of Beauty expands into new business areas and agrees sole rights of distribution for Germany and Europe with various oversea’s suppliers. LUSTER, DAX, CARSON, SOFT SHEEN, PROLINE, JOHNSONS are the most important partners for our Afro products.

Increasing turnover requires transformation of the company into a GmbH.

The main focus of our business activities is now the import and export of exclusive, international brand name cosmetic products, especially Afro products. As always we have our finger on the pulse of consumer trends and mainly distribute hair wax, hair pomade, hair coconut products, and skin care products from the USA made with real cocoa butter. GT World of Beauty is now the largest supplier of American Afro products in Germany. 70% of our turnover is achieved from the well introduced mail order business in Germany and Europe. Shipments usually reach our customers within 24 hours.

1990 und 1993
Branch offices founded with shops in Berlin and Nuremberg.

The Stuttgart branch office opens.

2000 bis 2001
Construction of the new headquarters in Gelnhausen, Germany. The new building is characterized by a large showroom and warehouse. GT World of Beauty moves to its new premises in spring 2001, thus offering even better and quicker services to its customers.

GT World of Beauty employs more than 30 people at
four locations.

New shop opens in Brussels in November.

Introduction of Microsoft Navision, one of the best business software for ERP-systems on the market

Mobile data recording: our storehouse is equipped with scanners.
Thanks to the use of mobile data recording the flows of goods and information precisely harmonise, operating cycles are optimized and error sources minimized. Intern operating processes are streamlined as double data recordings are avoided.

Profix Organics is the new, exclusive care product range specially composed for dark-skinned people. Profix Organics provides a large choice of specialities of particular composition to be used for personal hair care and for the treatment of hair pieces and wigs. The articles of the Profix Organics range are perfectly adjusted to one another and mutually reinforce their action.

The existent storage space is being more than doubled.

Opening of a subsidiary in Antwerp as of March.

The first exhibition "Trade Show" for afro-american cosmetics in Germany takes place in Gelnhausen. More than 30 exhibitors from USA and Europe present their products our business partners.

In June opens a new GT store in Anderlecht.

New shop opens in Liege in Belgium in May.

In March opening of our 10th store in Paris.


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