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Profix Organics, the new, exclusive care product range specially
composed for dark-skinned people.
Profix Organics provides a large choice of specialities of particular composition to be used for personal hair care and for the treatment of hair pieces and wigs.

„Beautiful hair for a long time“, it was the objective by the development of the new Profix Organics range in cooperation with a team of experienced specialists.

The effective elements of the Profix Organics range not only care for
the natural structure of hair fibres and preserve them, they also repair damaged hair.

Olive oil is an important element of the formula of the Profix products. The fatty acids of olive oil have a similar composition to those of human skin. They are therefore ideal for products of personal hygiene.

Important substances of olive oil have antioxidant effects. They enhance hair cells renewal and retard their natural ageing process. Moreover, this is reinforced by an important proportion of vitamins A and E. Profix hair care products take the special needs of dark-skinny people hair into consideration.

The articles of the Profix Organics range are perfectly adjusted to one another and mutually reinforce their action.



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